High Performance Systems, Inc. works with all sizes and types of businesses. As a Windows 2000 Certified
System Builder, we are able to implement a networking system that fits your company's needs. Our clients
can answer any questions you might have about the systems we install and manage for them.
Small-to- Medium-Sized Businesses


Budman’s, Inc.
Christy Glass Company
J & E Appliance
Security Management
The Marotta Companies
Design Fabrications, Inc.
The Giving Spirit
Dr. John Cromwell
Steve Grebeck Race Craft
Aresco, Inc.
TRW Automotive Electronics Division
Bosch Braking Systems
Debron Industrial Electronics
Ford Motor Company
The Sparling Company
Carron Industries
Amerigard Development Corporation
Global Electronics
Complete System Design
Adam Electronics

Planned Parenthood


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