High Performance Systems, Inc. offers several services to our customers.
Repairs and Upgrades
HPS offers quick turn-around service for repairs and upgrades. We offer pick-up and delivery of your systems or components. As a trusted ally, the company examines the needs of the client, their existing systems and provides the best system for the future.

Preventative Maintenance
HPS offers an on-site computer cleaning for only $50.00 per system.

This applies to customers only in our service area and includes:

Complete System Check-Up
Case Cleaning
Fans Cleaned

Email us here if you are interested in this special offer!

We know your concerns. With backgrounds in engineering, networks and training, we help you define your immediate
needs and work with you to put together the hardware, software and training you need to be most productive. We can
show you how to save money and give you the flexibility of upgrading over time. We offer a team that you can rely
on for all of your technology needs - both today AND tomorrow.

Computer Training
Tired of the high price tags charge by companies whose results aren't seen when your employees return to work? We have
a team of professionals that will work either one-on-one or with groups at your site. Call us now to schedule training.

MS Office
Accounting Systems and Setup

Leasing is available to businesses through CELS (Commercial Equipment Leasing Services) upon approval.

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